John Hamer interview: the falsification of science (in English). Interview de John Hamer (en anglais)

Paul Ponssot 18 décembre 2021 726

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John Hamer is British author that has written 7 books: he specialises in exposing the behind the scenes manipulations. He has also written extensively on the JFK assassination and the Titanic false flag. In this interview John Hamer talks about the forces behind the manipulation of science and our reality. We dive deep into the the origins of the royal society, it’s link to masonry. We also talk about the Darwin Scam, the moon hoax, Germ theory and the nature of reality.

Link to John Hamer’s website

John Hamer’s latest book

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Wayne Bush interview: archons, false light, NDE’s and the alien presence (interview in English). Wayne Bush interviewé par Paul Ponssot (en Anglais): archontes, fausse lumière, NDE et présence non humaine.

Paul Ponssot 5 octobre 2021

Ci joint le lien vers le site de Wayne Bush qui est une vraie mine d’information. Link to Wayne Bush’s very important website

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