The reality behind alien abductions: an interview of Lisa O’Hara (In English)

Paul Ponssot 22 janvier 2022 74

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Lisa O’Hara is an abductee who has had abductions by numerous alien beings and the military. Contrary to many abductees she has understood the manipulative nature of most alien beings and of the military. She has managed to reduce the frequency of her abductions through spiritual work. In this very informative interview, Lisa O’Hara talks about her experiences, the ET’s involved and the military factor. We also talk about how those experiences affect her on the physical and spiritual levels and how the ufo community has been manipulated to think that the aliens are “benevolent space brothers” when in reality they are predatory in nature. She also goes into her methods to reduce the frequency of abduction events. Lisa holds a B.S Degree in business administration from San Jose State University in California. She has worked in law firms and in information technology. Now retired, she lives in Arizona

Link to Lisa O’Hara’s website

Links to the books by Stewart Swerdlow that have helped Lisa O’Hara in her healing process.

Website of Stewart Swerdlow

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